Tuesday, February 25, 2014

News about the Dino Martini Mysteries

At the beginning of January, Lyrical Press announced to their authors that they had sealed a deal to join with Kensington Press as an imprint of Kensington. This is, of course, very exciting news and we've all been on pins and needles.

All authors were given the option to resign with Kensington, which is wonderful, but also has created quite a flurry of activity and launched a very HUGE process of resigning and rereleasing literally hundreds of authors and nearly twice as many books.

The real downside of this is that as of January 1st, none of us were under contract with Lyrical anymore, and as such....our books were taken off the market.

I'll confess, I had no idea this process would take as long as it has, or I probably would have come and posted some kind of announcement much sooner than this. I thought it would kind of fly  under the radar.

As far as I know right now - the Dino Martini books WILL be available again. They are not permanently gone, and I am still working on that third book.

It's my understanding that I will be allowed to sign with Kensington and move forward with the series, but even if that doesn't actually come to pass, I'll find another avenue for the series. I'm not done with Dino and Seth.  (I may be really, really SLOW....but I'm not done).

If you'd like to be put on a list to be notified when the books are available again, please comment here or at Goodreads when this post gets picked up there, and I'll be happy to compile that list and let everyone know when the books are available for purchase again and where you can find them.

I really want to thank all the fans of these books - You all have been so supportive and fun, and I appreciate that people enjoy my stories.

I'll keep posting news as it happens.