Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Frost is out!

  The new Dino Martini story is out! Along with a whole bunch of other great stories from Lyrical authors that range from fantasy to historical and a heat range to match!

Lyrical Press First Frost Anthology

Melt away the winter chill with a little help from Lyrical’s authors.

Lyrical Press First Frost Anthology
My contribution to the anthology is: Like Autumn Leaves and Campfires

GLBT erotic romance by Elle Parker

Mysterious neighbors, scheming wives and bar fights. This was not Dino’s idea of a relaxing vacation.

All Dino Martini wants is to enjoy his vacation with best friend turned boyfriend, Seth Donnelly. But when he stumbles across a mystery, it feels like business as usual. If Dino wants to spend his time focused on Seth instead of fighting in bars, he might have to get back to work.

Go and get yours now!

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Anonymous said...

Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed LAL&CF! It was fun to revisit the guys, and I'm glad they haven't changed, this just whets my appetite for more Dino & Seth, Thanks!