Saturday, June 6, 2009

Coffee Time Romance Chat Today!

COME JOIN THE GLBT EXTRAVAGANZA! Come and chat with Stormy Glenn, Alex Draven, Jaime Samms, Elle Parker, Amber Kell, and other GLBT authors all day in the Latte Lounge at

Today, ALL DAY!

Come read excerpts and blurbs, see covers, talk to your favorite GLBT authors. Please be sure to register for the forum asap! I'll be there, sharing excerpts from my new M/M novel, Like Coffee and Doughnuts. I also have a fun freebie to give away!

Any questions please feel free to email Stormy @


Alexis Grant said...

This is cool! I'll try to check in after my run... if I ever get out the door...

Enid Wilson said...

Hi Elle, the coffee time forum seems a bit difficult to navigate. I can't find you there. Where is it post under?

In Quest of Theta Magic

Elle Parker said...

Thanks guys!

Enid, it's the thread called "June 6, 2009" It's just one long thread and that IS the chat. Yes, it's kind of hard to keep track of unti you figure it out