Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elle is a Fangirl

I am a fangirl, I admit it. I've always been a fangirl, since way back when I watched Emergency! as a kid. I LOVE series TV, I can't help it. Just as I love books in series, I love the excitement of tuning in every week to see what my favorite characters are up to.

And really, that's what it is for me - the characters. I will happily watch the crappiest, cheesiest TV shows imaginable if I love the characters (The A-Team anyone? Wonderful, marvelous cheese!)

So this is it! This is the week most of the shows are premiering for the season, and it's like a holiday for me. I looked up the dates AGES ago so I wouldn't miss them. When I say them, I usually mean 2-4 shows tops. That's about the limit of what I can follow at any given time and still have a life.

I've already gotten my Leverage fix, at least until winter - they're already on hiatus again.

So this week there are two big premieres I'm excited about. My whole family is, actually, we watch these as a family activity and have a lot of fun discussing and debating.

NCIS - We've been fans of this one since half-way through the first season. The characters are wonderful, and the stories are interesting and fun. I was confused and less than deeply thrilled with the season ender from last year, so I don't know what to expect for this season. And I'm okay with that. I suspect they'll have to give another nod to the new NCIS. I doubt we'll be getting into that one.

And the REALLY exciting one, the one I'm just panting for is Criminal Minds. I LOVE this show, with its complex characters and dark, dark subject matter. Last season? They nearly killed me. They ENDED THE SEASON with a gunshot and a black screen!! How was I supposed to survive that? One of my favorite characters was on the receiving end of that shot, and I still don't know what's happened to him. (If you know, DON'T tell me). This could go several ways, and I'm dying to see what they do with it!

What are your favorites at the moment?


Obsidian Bookshelf said...

How cool that you and your family watch the shows together and talk about it! And the experts say that supposedly t.v. drives families apart -- shows how little they know.

I've got to admit I'm not familiar with the two you've listed. My husband and I are science-fiction nerds. We're waiting on Fringe and LOST right now!

Elle Parker said...

I'm sure there are people who would think we were terrible parents, but I'm a storyteller, I can't help liking TV.

LOST never grabbed me, but Fringe looks intriging and I might check it out sometime.