Friday, May 8, 2009

Notable links of the week

I have a routine of reading various blogs and groups throughout the week, and I learn all kinds of valuable things that I'm so grateful someone posted. So, I like to gather them up and pass them along for others who might might have missed this information.

Happy Friday!

By way of NA Sharpe’s blog, I have news of the 4th annual Muse Online Writers Conference: October 12 - 18, 2009. It’s free and it’s on-line! Registration ends August 1st.

Great discussion of ebook piracy here on Jessiewave’s Review blog

A good article about Twitter for authors in Publisher’s Weekly, via BlogBookTours in…Twitter! What else?

Both Loose Id and Torquere Press have been putting out calls for submissions in their short story and anthology lines


Karen Walker said...

Hi Elle,
Love this idea of sharing ideas and information from links you've found. I've learned so much from this one little tool of being able to make clickable links on my blog. How cool!


Elle Parker said...

OH - and this comment is for Marvin, should he drop by...

The very second I posted this, I remembered that I hadn't yet learned how to make the pop-up I raced over to the group, read the tutorial and fixed it right away!

It's even easier than I thought!


Galen Kindley said...

Hi, Elle,
I agree with Karen, this is a nice idea. May I steal if from you for use on my blog now and again??
Best Regards, Galen

Elle Parker said...

Thanks Karen, and be sure to read Marvin's tutorial too!

Galen - sure, go ahead, it's not I invented it either *g*


Jina Bacarr said...

I love your enthusiasm re: sharing information. Very cool. Thank you for taking the time to do this.


Angela said...

Awesome--thanks for passing on what you found. :-)

Karen Brees said...

Nice way to consolidate and also relieve yourself of the onus of writing on a day when folks are thinking elsewhere.

Jennifer Taggart, TheSmartMama said...

Great post for the end of the week. Friday round-ups are always perfect, and sharing information is always appreciated.

Linda Suzane said...

What a cool idea! Can I steal it for my own blog?

Elle Parker said...

I'm glad everyone enjoyed it *g* I'm already working up a list for next week!