Thursday, May 7, 2009

What makes you take a chance?

So, what is it that will make you take a chance on an author you've never heard of before?

It's no secret that my first novel is coming out in a couple of weeks, and I have a lot of promo and advertising ahead of me. I've been out there in the groups and loops, offering opinions in Yahoo, taking part in chats, and schmoozing on blogs. I've been making an effort to get my name known out there.

Soon, however, is the real deal. On May 18th I have an actual book to promote and I'll be out there showing my baby off to the world....

I have some printed cards, I have a slew of interesting blog posts relating to the book, I have some giveaways and contests planned. I even already have a handful of blog tour stops set up.

People will often buy books from authors whose work they're already familiar with, but what is it really that makes you take a chance on a brand new one?


Galen Kindley said...

For me, I think it's the story, the subject matter. This Name Recognition thing works two ways. Tom Clancy's later works were just looooooooong and wordy. His earlier works? Pretty sharp and good. So, yeah, I'll be likely to pick up an author I know, but, if the cover strikes me, or the back cover blurb sounds good, or, after I read a few paragraphs, the writing style's not bad: I'll buy an "unknown" author in a heartbeat.
Best Regards, Galen

Karen Walker said...

I'm with Galen. I've purchased many books from authors I've never heard of solely on the basis of the cover and blurb and the first few paragraphs. So grab my attention and keep it for a few minutes, and I'll get it even if I've never heard of you.
I'm hoping the same goes for my memoir, since I'm an unknown as well. Best of luck with your launch.

Ann Parker said...

A few things will do it: A recommendation from a friend. The reviews. And (I'm with Galen and Karen on this) the style or voice. Also, if I hear a new author talk (usually this is an "in person" type thing for me rather than a virtual meeting) and am intrigued by something they've said or like what I see and hear, I'll take a chance and buy a copy. :-)

Alexis Grant said...

Hey Elle,

My first time visiting your blog. I like it! Clean page, easy-to-read paragraphs... You've got me hooked! I'm going to add you to my blogroll (I initially added only the first folks to join the class.)

When I buy a book by an author I've never heard of, I like to read the first two pages. Not the blurb, but the first two pages of the chapter. If I want to read more, I'll buy it. If not, I'll find another.

Looking forward to hearing how your tour goes.

Marvin D. Wilson said...

Usually I get turned on to new authors by word of mouth recommendation. Also I've picked up books from authors I've met through blogging. If I like their writing style on their blogs, chances are I'll like their books as well.

Elle Parker said...

Wow, great feedback everyone!

Alexis, I'm glad to hear yours because the excerpt I chose to sell the book with IS the first 3-4 pages! (Which you'll all be getting a look at in a couple of weeks

Thank you all - I appreciate it