Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Finds!

Friday Finds!

This week Wave posted the results of the Readers’ Favourite Gay Books project at Reviews by Jessewave, and it's just marvelous.

I'm deeply honored to be on that list for Like Coffee and Doughnuts. Right alongside Victor J. Banis, no less! (Okay, that's because it's alphabetical by title, but STILL...)

Here's an excellent post on internet marketing that goes beyond the usual ones: Pimp My Monkey (Guest Blogger: Chris Eldin)

Referenced in that post is another one I've had open in my tabs for a couple weeks now: The Ten Commandments of Blogging

And since we're talking about blogging (and cleaning out my tabs as well), here's another I've been sitting on for a bit: How to Build Traffic on Your Blog, Part 2 by Jennifer Fulwiler!